Why City Auto Finance?

You may be asking yourself: “Why City Auto Finance?” “What sets City Auto Finance apart from other floor plan services?” We have provided a few things that make City Auto Finance the right financial floor plan choice for you.

Online Payment Process

City Auto Finance gives you the luxury of being able to sort your inventory list by date, make, and model. We also give you the options to pay off your vehicles individually or calculate and pay for curtailments on individual vehicles with our new ACH payment feature with just a few clicks. It’s that simple.

Great Rates

City Auto Finance consistently beats the rates provided by its competitors. With reasonable interest rates and lower than industry standard floorplan fees, City Auto Finance allows dealers to keep more of their money and in turn increase profits.

No Hidden Fees

No one has the patience for hidden fees. With City Auto Finance, there are no hidden fees, no audit fees and no administrative fees. You only pay the fees that were agreed upon upfront because trust matters to us.

Lowest Curtailments in the Business

10% and 20% curtailments can do a number on your wallet. That’s why we only require a 5% curtailment at the end of a term in order to extend the floor plan on a specific car. With City Auto Finance, you can make better use of your money.

No Curtailment on Units Under $5,000

That’s right; City Auto Finance requires absolutely no principle curtailment on units floorplanned for less than $5,000.

Unmatched Customer Service

Our knowledgeable and trusted team provides a level of service that will never fail to meet or exceed your expectations. This allows you, the car dealer, to spend less time worrying about floor planning and more time doing what you do best.

Knowledge and Experience

The leadership at City Auto Finance has years of experience in not only the floorplan business, but more importantly the used car business. This exponential experience in the automotive industry provides us with an understanding of the challenges and needs of the independent used-car dealer. This understanding allows a unique opportunity for us to develop creative and individual solutions in order to help our customers and business partners maximize their full potential.

“Flexible Floorplan Solutions”

Being smaller than some of our competitors, that have branches and customer bases nationwide, has its advantages. Most of all, it allows us to know each of our customers individually and tailor a floor plan solution that meets their needs. It also allows us to be more flexible in dealing with day to day issues that arise when managing inventory. We know that you will find this flexibility and willingness to listen to your needs a huge asset to your company as you floor plan with City Auto Finance.